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About Us


Cranefield College believes in quality tertiary education where students and their employers are the core focus of everything. Our courses look to teach the student how to not only manage the organisation as a whole but also to manage the value chain which is at the heart of an organisation.

By focusing on cross functionality in a business, employers and project managers alike can ensure they are getting the best performance out of their employees through employee empowerment and involvement.

How we work at Cranefield College

Cranefield follows an outcomes-based adult learning approach in its teaching and learning, using both theory and case material. This approach enables continuous transformation and change and ensures improved performance.

This results in enhanced communication skills and integration of operations, applying a systems approach.


We believe in education excellence, student leadership development and excellent service delivery.

“If you want to be successful, you have to structure your organisation cross-functionally, and this means paradigms as well,“ says Principal and Founder of Cranefield College, Professor Pieter Steyn.

Evolving trends in project management


Cranefield principal, Professor Pieter Steyn comes from a long line of industrial engineers, most notably, Steyn’s great, great grandfather, Douwe Gerbrandtz Steyn, who designed the Castle of Good Hope in 1679.

“I think project management will always play a role and is probably one of the oldest professions that exist today,” says Professor Pieter Steyn, Principal of Cranefield College. “There is nothing you can do without it. “

The building of the Cape of Good Hope Castle, “was one of the first major project management projects, and the family is still in it today.”

Before studying Engineering, Professor Steyn did an apprenticeship in a mill machinery company and became a qualified millwright. “But it was a toss-up for me: was I going to go the mechanical route, the electrical route or the industrial engineering route?”

Professor Steyn’s decision to take on Industrial Engineering was due to his interest in project management and he liked how ‘visible’ project management was in industrial engineering.

To date, Professor Steyn has been at the helm of countless project management ventures such as becoming the director and founder of Steyn & Van Rensburg consultants which continues to do well despite him retiring 25 years ago.

Professor Steyn has project managed countless building and engineering projects over his expansive career. Notable projects include Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, Bank City in Johannesburg, the Old Wheel Shopping Centre in Durban and Game City in Berea.


Professor Steyn emphasises the need for a foundation in project management which allows the student to implement strategies into context later on in life.

“The courses are crucial if you want a foundation and provide a very good grounding in project management that can aid you to become a project management professional.”

“If you look at where project management started, which is in the building and engineering industry and where it is heading, new millennium organisations are transforming and moving away from the old bureaucracies to what we know as the knowledge-based learning organisations,” he says.

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What can you study at Cranefield College?

Advanced Certificate in Project Management (AdvCertPM) – NQF L6

Cranefield College’s Advanced Certificate is designed for working professionals who wish to master the essentials of management and apply PM skills and principles in a work context.

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Advanced Diploma in Project Management (AdvDipPM) – NQF L7

The Advanced Diploma is designed to help working professionals develop advanced skills and techniques in project and programme management needed to successfully stand out in PM roles nationally and internationally.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Programme Management (PGDipPM) – NQF L8

The Postgraduate Diploma in Programme Management enables working professionals to develop advanced knowledge and understanding of tools, techniques and methods pertaining to programme and value chain management.

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Master’s Degree in Programme Management (MComPM) – NQF L9

The Master’s degree provides working professionals with relevant education and the ability to integrate strategic intent & programmes in the organisational environment to achieve the organisation’s vision and goals.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – NQF L10

The PhD degree is a research degree, awarded on the basis of a doctoral thesis. The PhD thesis may focus on any topic related to Commerce and Administration.

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Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning Short Courses

The Cranefield Academy of Knowledge offers a range of short courses that are designed to give the student maximum flexibility in choosing when, where and how he or she wishes to learn a topic of interest.

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Our Competitive Edge

Students can attend live classes online or view recordings thereof afterwards, via Cranefield’s Online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Cranefield’s academic qualifications and short courses are offered globally through online technology-enhanced distance learning utilising cutting-edge education technology.


Study through Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning

Cranefield offers Technology-Enhanced Distance Learning through its online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and class contact. It entails integration of live online classes, traditional face-to-face classes, and high definition (HD) videos of important topics.

How can you benefit
from it?

  • Provides maximum flexibility and agility.
  • The entire process of programme delivery is enhanced, also enabling you to attend classes interactively online from your office or home.
  • You can view recordings of the classes and HD videos of important topics online.

Advantages of Studying at Cranefield College

Distance learning allows you to enrol
from anywhere in the world, enabled
by best education technology.

All academic qualifications are
career relevant, enabling you to
become a top performing graduate.

You have a choice between
attending classes on-site, live
online or view recordings thereof.

For purposes of knowledge
internalisation, you complete
1 module at a time.

3 half-day lectures per module,
spread evenly over a duration of
3 months for each module.

You can apply all you learn
from us today, in your
career tomorrow.

Cranefield is immensely proud of its many graduates who are appointed to senior leadership and management positions in both the private and public sectors, not only in Africa, but also in the European Union, the Middle East, Australia, and the United States of America.