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Attending Online Classes

Live Online Distance Learning

With Cranefield’s technology-enhanced distance learning, all classes are streamed live on the Internet, and students may opt to participate in any or all of their classes online, thereby saving time and travel.

Online learning process

  • Cranefield uses its Online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as a platform for its Live Online Distance Learning programme which enhances the entire process for lecturers and students, enabling students to attend classes interactively online.
  • All classes are streamed live (from Cranefield’s main tuition centre in Midrand, Gauteng) and students are able to see and ask questions from the lecturer.
  • Remote students, including those in other countries, are able to attend live classes via the Internet, or view recordings thereof.
  • In addition, you may view HD videos of important topics covered online via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

We are one of the top Distance Learning Colleges

All class-based academic programmes, including the Master’s degree (MComPM), are available to students nationwide and internationally (broadening our online learning target market) through technology-enhanced distance learning. Exceptional students may advance all the way to the PhD degree, which signifies the highest level of academic and professional attainment.


Online case discussions in syndicate groups

For case discussions in syndicate groups, students are also able to meet via the Internet in a dedicated online collaboration room where they can see and hear each other. This is not only for students outside Gauteng – but also for those attending the lectures on-site, who may choose to book an online collaboration room for their discussions, thereby saving time and travel.


How to attend online classes?

Once you’re already registered and enrolled in a course you can:

  • Notify the administration at least one day before your class.
  • Administration will send a link for the online class.
  • Log in on the day of your class.
  • Remember online learning classes still abide to all the same rules (i.e. don’t be late).
  • It is imperative for students who participate online to adhere exactly to the Midrand dates and to the assignment deadlines for these modules.

If you are unable to attend any class (online or on-site):

If a student is unable to participate in any of the online classes due to special circumstances, the student will still be able to study the recording of the class that he or she has missed. Students who are located outside the South African time zone may also receive recordings (for example those in the USA or Australia). Fortunately, Africa, the UK, and the rest of the European Union are all in approximately the same time zone as South Africa, and attending a live online class poses no problem. Nevertheless, students are generally expected, wherever reasonably possible for them, to be actively engaged in all live lectures, whether on-site or online.