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Management and the
Law are inextricably

Managers in all fields of practice must know the Law that applies to them, and lawyers inevitably apply principles of Management (whether they realise it or not) in dealing with cases. Mindful application of those principles can indeed be instrumental in promoting good strategy – and maximum effectiveness and efficiency – in legal practice.

Law at Cranefield College

Virtually all professions require the application of both Law and Management in everyday practice

With the above reality in mind, and in order to promote multidisciplinary development, Cranefield College is launching a number of integrative online short courses on various legal topics related to specific professions. The common theme of the short courses is the integration of relevant principles of Law and Management as applicable to the specific professional area and the facilitation of collaboration between professionals from different disciplines.

The first courses to be launched in 2017 cater to selected needs of project/programme managers, engineers, technologists, lawyers, and health professionals. Continuing professional development (CPD) credits/units are earned where applicable. Selected short courses are specifically designed for the international context, whereas some focus particularly on English Law and others on South African Law. Health practitioners in South Africa are, for instance, required to accumulate thirty continuing education units (CEUs) per twelve-month period, and five of the units must be on Ethics, Human Rights and/or Medical Law.

Ultimately, it is envisaged that a number of full academic programmes (leading to interdisciplinary qualifications in Law and Management, Medicine and Law, and Law and Psychology) will be launched in due course.

Principal Lecturer

The Principal Lecturer responsible is Dr Roché Steyn, who is an integrative medicolegal specialist focussing on malpractice prevention and resolution in Medicine and Psychology (which of necessity involves the integration of various disciplines, including Law and Management). Apart from Medical Law, he has taught Criminal Law and Tort Law (also at Leicester University), Project Management, and Advanced Legal/Business English.

For a preview of lecturing related to a case study in Criminal Law, see Dr Steyn’s video lectures on the well-known Oscar Pistorius case: Oscar Pistorius unmasks Criminal Culpability. For related public articles, visit