A Review and Analysis of Project Evaluation within Telkom SA ITX

Author: Mutuvhi, Fhatuwani Lastborn
Supervisor: Professor Piet Ackermann
Date: March 2010

The significance of project management is now widely recognised, both for organisational development and as part of international business architecture, as a lever to address the converging interest of competitiveness. Project evaluation is regarded as a useful mechanism for streamlining business strategies effectively and efficiently (Business Brief, 2009)

The study reviewed and analysed project evaluation practices within Telkom SA ITX. The study identified gaps in the existing processes and makes recommendations for strengthening project evaluation.

A structured questionnaire comprised of closed and open-ended questions and

an interview protocol were administered to collect quantitative and qualitative data respectively.

The most significant finding of the study is that only a few respondents could confirm the existence of project evaluation within Telkom SA ITX. However, a significant number of respondents understand that project evaluation is a useful mechanism for measuring the company’s performance and effectiveness in delivering products and rendering services to customers.

Recommendations are made here for Telkom SA ITX to improve project evaluation practices. Some of the recommendations given are that Telkom SA ITX should:

  • Establish a project evaluation team comprised of members who are involved in the project team.
  • Define, document and communicate project evaluation practices as a management tool
  • Develop and document the project evaluation framework
  • Evaluate projects according to monetary values