Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce and Administration (PhD) – NQF L10 - Cranefield College

Doctor of Philosophy in Commerce and Administration (PhD) – NQF L10

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The Cranefield PhD is a research degree, in the domain of commerce and administration (including project, programme, portfolio and value chain management), awarded on the basis of a doctoral thesis. The PhD degree is an accredited NQF Level 10 qualification.


Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) entrance requirements


When considering an application for registration for the PhD in Project Management degree, the Doctoral Selection Committee shall be guided by the following admission requirements:

  1. An appropriate master’s degree; or
  2. Recognition of prior learning (RPL) that results in a level of research and subject-matter competencies that may be regarded as comparable to master’s level and sufficient to complete doctoral studies successfully. The appropriate level could, for instance, be evidenced by research articles published in refereed journals. Provision above must be read with existing Cranefield RPL policies.



The Cranefield Doctor of Philosophy degree is accredited at NQF level 10, with 360 credits, as reflected on the SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) website.


The Cranefield PhD is accredited by the Council on Higher Education NQF level 10, with 360 credits, and registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training.


Contact the Administration at +27 (0) 12 807 3990 for more detailed information.

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