High-Performance Teams in the University Library Services

Author: Kiberu, Herbert
Supervisor: Professor Erik Schmikl
Date: September 2010

An investigation was undertaken into the University of Botswana Library Services (UBL) in order to assess the level of quality of service delivered to its internal and external stake holders. The vision and mission of the organization is to be the leading service provider of excellent library services. The variables examined in a survey of 55 library employees comprised the leadership of the library, its vision and mission, and how well this has been communicated to the library staff; teams and teamwork deployment towards service delivery; the creation of high performance library teams, and total quality management (TQM).

The data analysis revealed that there is a need for UBL to undertake focused training in leadership development, creating high performance teams and team building, and how to inspire, motivate, and incentivise library staff that engage in committed TQM service delivery as a portfolio of continuous improvement for competitive advantage. Lastly, it is recommended that, the entire performance management system is reviewed in order to systematically manage library staff in terms of individual and team development while striving to enhance productivity and service excellence.