Research into the Complexities associated with changing a Project Management Information System in the Organisation

Author: Grundlingh, Jannie
Supervisor: Professor Dr J. A Watkins.
Date: September 2010


It is known that accurate, timely, and relevant information is essential to the decision-making process of a project and that relying on an inadequate information system puts all projects at risk. It is also a known fact that information is a valuable resource for project managers and the customer. Despite the fact that we all know these things, project managers often fail to deliver the types of information needed to ensure project success. Implementing a suitable project management information system is one way to address critical project information needs. Available technologies, the perceptions of those technologies, and how they are used will determine the shape of the world. Managers of the future will face challenges that depend on the development and application of technology.

In the recent past, engineers and project managers as a rule do not communicate project status adequately with upper management and functional departments within Vodacom. Furthermore, functional departments are often reluctant or do not have time to provide information to provide engineers that which is essential to a project. These circumstances often lead to late, over budget, and low quality projects. The research question that will be answered in the dissertation reads as follow…“What expectations exist in changing and implementing a project management information system”.

The primary research objectives of this study are the following:

  • help the project teams manage projects effectively.
  • To ensure that all information gathered adds value to the business in its entirety.

This author is of the opinion that it is an absolute requirement to break the cycle of miscommunication and derailed projects within Vodacom. This will be achieved by the development and implementation of a project management information system that is able to provide upper management in Vodacom with adequate information about all the projects in the organisation’s portfolio.