A Modified Implementation of Project Management in a Quick Time-to-Market Environment

Author: Marais, Hester
Supervisor: Professor Erik Schmikl
Date: March 2007

This dissertation contains an investigation into a modified project management framework implementation in a leading cellular Network Operator. In South Africa’s highly competitive cellular market, where the limits of current technology and thinking need  to be challenged, it is imperative to reduce time-to-market for new products without sacrificing quality or customer service.

An evaluation was done of programme and/or Project Management Maturity models, strategic versus tactical project management, and whether the organisation’s management and staff are sufficiently Post-Modern or ‘future minded’ to facilitate the transition to a new project management framework. It also examines the general restraining factors present in the environment that prevent teams from delivering projects faster. In addition agile project management was investigated since requirements often change, planning can never be accurate.  It was also found that it is essential that the agile team is lead by Post-Modern or future minded individuals that have the interest of the organisation and its people at heart.

The research conducted included the evaluation of the future mindedness of the management and executives of the organisation, their perceptions regarding the existing project management situation in the organisation, including alignment of projects to the organisation’s strategy, project leadership as well as the effectiveness of project prioritisation.

With regard to the ideal project management world, the research questionnaire gauges perceptions regarding perceived benefits of Agile Project Management versus Classic Project Management as well as the ideal project decision making framework in this fast changing environment. The research ends with a recommended ideal level of project documentation required.

Although the researcher concluded that formal project methodologies do add value to the successful delivery of projects it was also established that the organisation requires a different approach to project management, an approach that could be represented by the agile project management methodology.