Cranefield In-House Training


Cranefield College offers a host of in-house programmes that teaches clients all the necessary leadership and performance management skills, or project and programme management principles. Any course selected from the academic programmes or short courses can be offered in-house, suited to the client’s needs. For example, many organisations have completed the whole Advanced Diploma as an in-house programme.
The most popular amongst in-house training offerings is the class-based short course: “Project Management: Perspective, Planning and Implementation”, known as Module Mα. Candidates may proceed directly to the first module (M1) of the Advanced Diploma after successfully completing Module Mα.

  • Fees

    Cranefield College will assess every aspect of the programme and recommend which modules are needed.

    Fees will be calculated according to a method:

    (Total people) x (cost per module x amount of modules) = Total Cost

  • Who should attend?

    If organisations want to successfully move away from bureaucratic practices towards being learning organisations, it is imperative for all persons, from the CEO through to every functional team member, to have a clear understanding of essential project management principles and techniques.

  • In-house training locations
    • The in-house programme is offered at the client’s premises.
    • The in-house programme can be offered at Cranefield’s Midrand tuition centre or alternative location.
  • Class-based short courses offered in-house by Cranefield College
    1. Project Management: Perspective, Planning and Implementation (Module Mα)

      Course content for Project Management: Perspective, Planning and Implementation (Module Mα) is reflected in the Cranefield Prospectus (PDF) and Advanced Certificate in Project Management curriculum.

    2. Transformational Leadership
    3. Balanced-Scorecard-based Strategy Implementation
    4. Programme Management Perspective
    5. Transformation and Change Management

    For details about the course content of any of the class-based short courses, please contact the administration. Cranefield College will customise the content of any short course to satisfy your organisation’s needs.


Depends on Modules Chosen

Tuition Centre

Client’s premises, Cranefield’s main tuition centre in Midrand, Gauteng or De Doornkraal Historic Country House.


Class attendance

Starting Date

All Year

Course Duration

Decided once in-house programme commences