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Designed specifically for students or working professionals, Cranefield’s academic qualifications are offered globally through online technology-enhanced distance learning, making it possible for you to attend interactive class-based and/ or live online classes.


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management leader

Our commitment to continuous lifelong learning is one of our and your most competitive edges. Cranefield continuously keeps ahead of cutting-edge paradigms and practices.

As a top provider of private graduate higher education, Cranefield College has established itself internationally as a leader in the field of project, programme, portfolio, supply chain, and value chain management.

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Prof Pieter Steyn (Principal)
PrEng, BSc (Eng), MBA, DCom

“The international recognition enjoyed by Cranefield’s academic qualifications and our involvement with global management institutes, like my own involvement as member of the research management board of the International Project Management Association, provide Cranefield with a profound competitive edge.”


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Cranefield College is a registered Private Higher Education Institution, and its academic programmes are accredited by the Council on Higher Education and registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training. It is also certified as an ISO-9001 institution.

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